Notes Toward an Iconology of the Faithless. published in the catalog for The Beast: Herd Mentality. solo exhibition at Montserrat College of Art from Feb 16 – March 30, 2018.

Rafael Sucks, Rahm Blows. published by the Invisible Institute on the occasion of the opening of Infinite Games 50/50 on September 14, 2017

On Love and Labor: Thoughts That Accompanied the Making of a Table-published in Proximity-October 2013. Published in Proximity Mag. Chicago. Winter 2013

Anticipating Departure-published in AREA 12

Anthem/Requiem. Published in Theaster Gates: 12 Ballads for Huguenot House. Konig Press. Germany. 2012

Interview with Paul Chan (link to Bad at Sports Podcast) 

This House is Not a Home

Notes On Recovery

On Furniture

Object Repair (with Sara Black)

I feel much more like I do now than I did before (with Sara Black)

If it Ain’t Broke-Katherine’s Table (with Sara Black)