September 24- November 12th, 2012

part of You Complete Me, curated by Melissa Matuscak, DeVos Art Museum, Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI

Preus exhibited a collection of his furniture pieces and invited local artists and designers to modify donated furniture, collected in the museum during the exhibition.  Preus assembled a band (which includes  Mikel Avery, Leroy Bach, and Tadd Cowen) which performed in the museum on October 26th, using instruments made from found furniture parts.  Preus is playing an amplified bedpost, Avery is playing a tongue drum coffee table made from a head board, and Tadd is playing a restaurant chair cajon.  The group has developed and continues to perform with new instruments, under the name New Material.

thanks to Kevin Reiswig for fabrication and design assistance.

click for a link to a short clip from the performance. 

amplified bedpostamplified bedpost, mahogany, amp, guitar strings


headboard tongue drum, mahogany, chair legs, rubber

gallery view, Devos Art Museum

gallery view, Devos Art Museum