bull head
Mascot. 2016
01 elmhurst biennial
Elmhurst Biennial: Chicago Statements. Installation at the Elmhurst Art Museum. 2016
01 Preus_Da_Dee_Dee_Dum_De_Profundis
Da Dee Dee Da Dum De Profundis. Installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago for The Freedom Principle. 2015
02 Preus_Da_Dee_Dee_Dum_De_Profundis
Da Dee Dee Da Dum De Profundis. Installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago for the Freedom Principle, 2015
04 Preus_Civics101_Prototype_For_Charter_School_Furniture.jpg
CIvics 101, Partial Dining Set, made of materials salvaged from closed Chicago public schools (CPS), 2014, private collection. 
03 Preus_Reframing_The_Art_Economy.jpg
Framing Members, standard 8′ 2 x 4s made from CPS materials.  2x4s will be made collaboratively, as building blocks for a series of structures, both speculative and functional. 2016
The Beast-solo exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center. 2014.  
09 Preus_The_Beast_interior.JPG
Interior of The Beast during a youth-initiated spoken word event. 2014
11 Preus_Chicago_Bull.jpg
Mascot, carving on student desk top, 2014, private collection.
001- Sacrificial Beast-concept-HPAC
the beast – solo exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center, 2014
critchley still 3
a conversation in the beast with Simon Critchley and Bart Schultz
john and jamie
In conversation with Jamie Kalven about the Happy Factory, 2014
Proposal for charter school swing set. Division of Labor at Glass Curtain Gallery, 2014


elspeth 2.jpg
Built-In buffet table made from CPS materials, collaboration with Walter Kitundu, 2015
blueprint 4
Oracle 1. Modified blueprint from closed Chicago Public School. 2014


Blueprint Chapel. Installation at the Heilbronn Kunstverein, Germany.  from solo exhibition, John Preus: On Drawing


20140826135416952Bild (1)

perfect smile
Perfect Smile, from John Preus: On Drawing at the Heilbronn Kunstverein
cutoff cabinet
What Not, from John Preus: On Drawing at the Heilbronn Kunstverein
room 1 full
Blueprint Chapel, installation from John Preus: On Drawing- Heilbronn Kunstverein
Incidental Kitchen, 2013, private collection. 
10 Preus_Incidental_Kitchen_.jpg
Incidental Kitchen, 2013, private collection.
Top 13 bookshelf, 2013, private collection.
etched table top (edited)
table top from a Chicago Public School
slow sound at the Experimental Sound Studio
Slow Sound.  solo exhibition at the Experimental Sound Studio/Audible Gallery. 2013
huguenot house plans-formulated with Theaster Gates. notes and writing by John Preus. archival inkjet print. 2012 (price upon request)
cube 6
Chicago Archive Series. 2012, private collection. 
ikea doors.jpg
Chicago Archive Series-2015, private collection.
Chicago Archive Series-2015, private collection. 
cps cube 1 preus:kitundu.jpg
Chicago Archive Series, with Walter Kitundu, 2015, private collection. 
cube 7-circle in the middle.jpg
Chicago Archive Series, with Will FitzPatrick, 2015, private collection. 
documenta composite
project leader/Theaster Gates-documenta 13-2012 http://johnpreus.com/selected-projects/982-2/
fabrication work for Theaster Gates
table top
form follows function off a short pier-home gallery-2013, private collection. 
anthem with visitor 5%22
anthem/requiem-huguenot house-2012 http://johnpreus.com/selected-projects/982-2/
Pelt 1, collaboration with Kevin Reiswig, skinned rogers park ottoman, leather, string, cedar, 52″ x 68″
New Material
new material @ northern michigan university http://johnpreus.com/selected-projects/new-material/
Dorchester Projects, Archive House-2009-2010
kitchen comp
dilettante studios-current http://www.dilettantestudios.org/projects/kitchen-as-composition/
reader portrait
reader article-2011 http://johnpreus.com/about/press/salvage-operation-john-preus-proustian-art-is-a-recycling-of-things-past/


Feigned Vanity
Feigned Vanity/The Belated Poet-2010
Mask For an Anticipated Rite-of-Passage
mask for an anticipated rite of passage, Johnny jump up 30 x 44, 2005, private collection
I’d Rather Be Fishin’ Material Exchange at the Devos Art Museum, Northern Michigan University-2009
tooth fairy1
beast 1-2005
atop the funeral home
original concept sketch. watercolor on inkjet print. 8.5″ x 11″ 2013
performance with T
live performance in the Huguenot House with Theaster Gates, 2012

002-anthem:requiem-huggenotten haus

013-Red Flags Salo(o)n-in SHOP
red flags salo(o)n-2011 http://johnpreus.com/selected-projects/red-flags-saloon/
Threewalls book store, 2009
Huguenot House, 2012
kids space-Southside Hub of Production, Hyde Park, 2011
sacrificial beast
Original concept sketch for The Beast, solos exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center, 2013
Rebuilding Mayfield, with Sara Black, part of Gestures of Resistance at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, OR.
man in green pool
man in green pool, charcoal and pastel on paper, 12 x 16, 1999, private collection. 
home is where the heart is-2005